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If the issue is not being prepared enough, ramp up your studying, take a class or consider hiring a tutor who can help you streamline your efforts and teach you the best methods for answering the various question types. Your energy would be better spent taking a broader look at your entire application strategy.

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Many schools list this information directly within their class profiles. Targeting these numbers at the lower end, rather than at the out-of-reach average, may keep your application viable.

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When a client is really dissatisfied with their GMAT score, sometimes the best option is to think way out of the box. Jamie came to us with rock-solid work experience, a lengthy history of international exposure and interests and stellar extracurricular activities. In the end, her overall performance with the GRE was actually lower. Explain your undergraduate performance.

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Explain your scores. Explaining your work history. Special circumstances College, test taking, work settings—your performance in all of these settings can easily be affected by a major life crisis or personal challenge.

Successes, awards, special recognition Although Babson, like many schools, has a section in the application in which you can enter awards and honors, you may like to describe in detail the honors and accolades you have received or the successes you have achieved. If not, words suffice.

When to Submit an Optional Essay

Write an essay lots of on-line and old school reference material on the structure of an essay are available. Three short sentences do not make an optional essay. And finally, how NOT to use the Optional Essay: For excuses For complaints For repeating the contents of our website in an effort to convince the Admissions Committee that you really, really love us.

Good luck. Think big. More From Babson Blogs. If you do decide to retake the GMAT, make sure you study this time, since a lack of adequate preparation is a big reason people get a low score in the first place. John often asks how they prepared for the GMAT. In addition, some schools may even request that applicants take a pre-enrolment class where they work with math professors to improve their quant score.

Be sure to ask each school about their GRE policies before switching tests, since this is not the case at every business school. She holds a BA in history and sociology, and a master's in library science. Skip to main content. Thursday, August 23, at 2pm. Login to Subscribe. Written by Nicole Willson.

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