Research paper on stress and job performance

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See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Mar 7, The employees in the organization are under a great deal of stress and due to many antecedents of stress such as overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, responsibility for people, participation, lack of feedback, keeping up with rapid technological change.

Outcomes of this among the employees are stress on job performance. The physical and psychology demands of workers in the organization make them more vulnerable to high level of stress. This study investigated and evaluated the job stress and its effect on job performance among the employees in the organization.

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    Essay on Stress and Its Effects on Job Performance

    Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Engineering. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Hareeni Gunaseelan. Omar Zaatari , Bank officer at Csc bank at Csc bank. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.

    No notes for slide. Sathya Priya. Sathya Priya Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, SRM University - Ramapuram Campus, Chennai — ABSTRACT The employees in the organization are under a great deal of stress and due to many antecedents of stress such as overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, responsibility for people, participation, lack of feedback, keeping up with rapid technological change. The data obtained through questioners was analyzed by statistical test chi square and percentage analysis reliabilities were also confirmed.

    The results are significant with negative relationship between job stress and job performance and shows that job stress significantly reduces the performance of an individual.

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    The results suggest that organization should facilitate supportive culture within the working atmosphere of the organization. International Journal of Management, 7 2 , , pp. As a result of this work stress, more and more managers are showing signs of chronic fatigue and burnout. Research has concluded that stressed out managers are not good for their companies or shareholders. In most cases, stress leads to reduced productivity. Stress is a problem in almost all the countries, irrespective of the economy either strong or weak.

    Therefore, work stress is important aspect to be focused while studying human behavior. All employees get affected by work related stress in one way or another way. Although Job stress is by no means a new phenomenon, it is being increasingly globalize and its affects all countries, all professions, non-workers, including the blue and white collar workers. While job stress is most frequently considered in the context of the industrial countries, workers in developing countries are also undoubtedly affected.

    A work and occupational structure play a critical role in an individual sense of identity, self-esteem and psychological wellbeing. Work is the central and defining characteristic of life for almost individuals whose work may have intrinsic value, instrumental value or both. The instrumental value of work is in providing the necessities of life and serving as a channel for the individual talents, abilities and knowledge.

    P and Rothmann, S. The results were that organizational stressors contributed significantly to ill health and low organizational commitment. They viewed stress as a response to external or internal processes, which reach levels that strain physical and psychological capacities beyond their limit.

    Taylor stated that there are four major types of stress, which she explains as follows: Acute stress: This type of stress is the most common and most recognizable form of stress. This is the kind of stress which the individual knows exactly why he is stressed. Normally, the body rests when these stressful events cease and life gets back to normal because the effects are short-term.

    Acute stress usually does not cause severe or permanent damage to the body. Traumatic stress: It is a severe stress reaction that results from a catastrophic event or intense experience such a natural disaster, sexual assault, life-threatening accidents, or participation in combat. Here, after the initial shock and emotional fallout, many trauma victims gradually begin to recover.

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    But for some people, the psychological and physical symptoms triggered by the trauma do not go away. The body does not return to equilibrium, and life does not return to normal. This condition is known as post-trauma stress disorder. Common symptoms of this type of stress are flashbacks or nightmares about the trauma, avoidance of places and things associated with the trauma, hypervigilance for signs of danger and irritability and tension.

    Chronic stress: She describes this type of stress as unrelenting demands and pressures seemingly interminable periods of time. This stress wears the individual down day after day and year after year with no visible escape. It grinds away both emotional and health of the individual leading to breakdown and even death. They are always in a rush, always late, always taking on too many projects, handling too many demands.

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    6. If an individual is prone to episodic acute stress, he may not know it or admit it. He may be wedded to a lifestyle that promotes stress. Unfortunately, people with episodic acute stress may find it so habitual that they resist changing their lifestyle until they experience a severe physical symptom. Matthews G, defined stress can be experienced from four basic sources.

      The Research Pitch. Kathryn Shaw - How a good boss affects employee performance

      The Environment— the environment can bombard you with intense and competing demands to adjust. Examples of environmental stressors include weather, noise, crowding, pollution, traffic, unsafe environment, and substandard housing, and crime. Social Stressors— we can experience multiple stressors arising from the demands of the different social role we occupy, such as parent, spouse, caregiver, and employee. Some examples of social stressors include deadlines, financial problems, job interviews, presentations, disagreements, presentations, disagreements demand for your time and attention loss of a loved one, divorce and co-parenting.

      Physiological— situation and circumstances affecting our body can be experienced as physiological stressors. Examples of physiological stressors include rapid growth of adolescence, menopause, illness, aging, giving birth, accidents, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and sleep disturbances. Thoughts— your brain interprets and perceives situations as stressful, difficult, painful, or pleasant.

      Some situations in life are stress provoking, but it is our thought that determines whether they are a problem. Work overload Rehman et al.

      Occupational Stress and job performance

      Stress also gets caused when an employee does not fulfill the demand of job and supervisor Schnall, Excessive workload and conflicting expectations are the good examples of working conditions. In the U. Bacharach et al. According to Manzoor , there are several factors which cause stress in employees at job and these factors are job timings, pay, bonus, workload and peer attitude.

      Badar states workload, technological problems, higher targets, compensation and salary, outcomes of decisions, management and peer support behavior, longer time frame are the main factors of causing stress in employees. Dar et al. Khattak et al. Tsaur and Tang, Inflexible work hours, work overload, risky job and poor coworker relations are the main contributors to job stress, which create dissatisfaction among the employees Shahid, Role Conflict Rosen et al.