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I hope my lecturers also think this is the correct way of dealing with law exams and assignments. Hi Laurian, glad you found it helpful! But for fact based questions in all other subjects, it definitely pays to stick to an IRAC type structure. Cheers Will. I have debilitating essay anxiety. This post went into detail and provided an example which really soothed my nerves. Thank you so much. Glad it helped! Feel free to email though any old exams or questions if you want a second set of eyes on something.

I heard that doing law is a lot of reading just to get by.

Breach of duty in the tort of negligence

I just want to get an indication realistically how many hours per week I need to dedicate to each subject to realistically pass a subject with say a low credit. I am a tax consultant by profession and have read and written analysis on legislation but never really done anything by way of case analysis. I think the answer to this question will always vary, in some cases quite dramatically, depending on the person undertaking the degree.

Liability For Negligence And Negligence

I studied full time and spent anywhere between hours a week studying during a normal week and way more during exam periods. I was happy with my grades with that time investment but I probably studied more than most. Other people studied the same and did worse. Other people studied far far less and did the same or better. It really comes down to how smart you are and how quickly you can pick things up.

I just got back one of my essays and I got a very low mark , my tutor said that I should not just write down the law. But also to evaluate the law , to apply the law to the facts. Well , I have no idea how can I do that.

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Can you please help me? Come back in the next few days and it should be here. You need to know and understand the law from your reading list, and then you need to practice applying the law to a particular factual scenario. Practice, practice, practice. Some universities will have mentoring programs for new law students — maybe see if you can get some help from a later year student?

You might be able to get some one on one tutorials on the IRAC method. I recently successfully argued that I was not due to pay a travel company for an extra travel method they got a helicopter instead of a plane due to a flight cancellation. The law is that the operator are obliged under package travel regs to provide alternative travel arrangements.

The skill comes in determining when this law is applicable. It did not. So do the regs apply to this particular situation? They do indeed. For many pieces of legislation the government issues guidance notes which provide examples of how to apply the law. These are a good starting point in understanding how a piece of legislation is intended to apply to the real world.

Will, This blog is fantastic. In nearing the end of my first semester of law school at Adelaide Uni.

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I love the title of the blog too. Assume that you and the other interns, together with your supervisor, travel to the community centre where you have clients booked in. Your first client Susan come to the Clinic, she was watching Today Tonight and they had a segment talking about crowdfunding. So she has been looking at the Kickstarter website out of curiosity and has found a project that she wants to support an electric skateboard — it would be fantastic for her oldest son. But it would cost Euros for the cheapest package and she is cautious because that is a lot of money.

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Her friends have also told her not to be silly because this is all a scam. She has heard about cases when people lost money on projects and so she is being careful. She decided it was worth coming to ask your advice about this. Your supervisor suggests that you break the task down into small parts and concentrate first on the issue of whether or not there is a contact between a person who puts money into a Kickstarter project and either KickStarter or the Project owner.

She has asked you to prepare a draft letter of advice for Susan explaining whether or not there is, in fact, any contract and the basis of your advice. Restrict your advice to the issues covered in your reading. Your supervisor gives you the heads-up that when writing to a client you need to think about how you communicate with a non-lawyer. You do not need to reference as you would in a more academic exercise.

Part A: What is Contract Law? I am preparing for my final exam for Medicare Medicaid 2 credit course in 7 weeks. The exam composed of 2 essay questions to respond using IRAC within 3 hours. Maybe this is small potato compared to law school but your tips on how to use IRAC is very helpful. As I continue my program, I can see how your blog can help me be a better student.

It was quite helpful and self explanatory but i want to know why proof reading of practice test in the assessment and probably grading be streamlined only to Australian students ore residents? What about other countries who want to engage and enjoy such privileges? I barely get to any these days anyway…. Im currently reading my law book to see wether any law can consider this a breach of contract. I have no idea where to begin and their so many to read in my law book. Help would be really appreciated, thank you so much. Claimants Ron, Suzy and Gina will want to claim for their incurred damages in the tort of negligence against defendants Colour Ltd.

Their claims will depend on whether they the defendants owe a duty of care and if so whether it has been breached, and lastly that the cause of the damage is factual and not too remote. Therefore, we must first examine that there has been actionable damage for each claimant described above. Sorry forgot to finish off the question lol. Would this seem correct to you from your experience?

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A Critical Examination of the Concept of Breach of Duty of Care

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