Subjective well-being essay

The purpose of this study is to first examine the measure of optimism or pessimism among a random sample of people. Next, the same people's satisfaction with life will also be measured.

Subjective well-being at the workplace and organizations

The results of these measurements will be pooled, examined, studied and interoperated. The relationship between one's optimism versus pessimism measurement and one's satisfaction with life will then be determined. It is hypothesized that people who score higher on the optimism versus pessimism score will be more likely to report a higher satisfaction with life. How does one obtain subjective well being SWB?

What are the components of subjective well being? What leads to subjective well being? There have been many studies conducted concerning subjective well being and what helps determine how much an individual possesses or could posses. Diener, Lucas and Oishi state that subjective well being consists of happiness and life satisfaction. They also claim that happiness is determined by a set of values. For example, people may value things such as order, honor, social contact, family, status or tranquility to make them happy.

Subjective well being

Life satisfaction is the extent to which you like your life. Lopez Eds. New York: Oxford University Press. Subjective well-being: Three decades of progress. Doyle, B.

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Eid, M. The Science of Subjetive Well-Being. Ikeda, D. Happiness Words of Wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda. Kringelbach, M. The Neuroscience of Happiness and Pleasure. Moss, S. Self discrepancy theory.

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Perma and Perma Plus. Seligman, M. Positive Neuroscience. Templeton Positive Neuroscience Award Recipients. The Institute for Fiscal Studies: London.

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Suh, E. Comparing subjective Well-Being across cultures and nations. Lopez, y C. Snyder, Eds. Subjective Well-Being. She holds a specialization in Logotherapy and existential Analysis by the Peruvian Institute of Logotherapy, and is in the process of being certified at the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna. This article is very much interesting and helpful on my part. I am now in my Dissertation outline preparation. I am also interested about well-being study. Hi Teresa, thank you so much for your article.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestion? Kindly share your thoughts and recommend some articles related to my topic. Thanks Teresa. Taming mind for following the steps engagement,relationships,etc that you have mentioned in your article is not possible for everyone until and unless they have clarity and some self control. With mindfulness exercises like concentrating on breathing , doing actions in awareness can lead to a huge difference in increasing SWB. So basically the summary is if we need to break the things or change the old habits we need to work with our best friend but the worse enemy — MIND.

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  • Mindfulness definitely improves our resilience. Thank you for adding such an important argument. I wish you a marvelous year in I agree with you, mindfulness is a great way to improve subjective well-being too. Fortunately nowadays there is an increase in the number of people that decide to enrich their lives by putting it in practice. I think it is important to provide people every source or advice possible.

    Yours is really important.

    Hi Teresa, Nice paper! I also like the part in which you state that the focus on positivity in psycghology can be just as effective as the diminishing of negative aspects in the psychology. It is a nice piece in general. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you is important to take a look not only to the definition of happiness, also to the original conception.

    The concept of subjective quality of life and psychological well-being: Essay on contemporary ideas

    Positive Psychology had the great potential to enhance our life through its marvellous contributions based on science. I invite you to continue learning from it. I had take note of what you wrote about the activities. I will public more practical activities, easy to achieve :. Thank you very much for take the time to write us.


    There are also many interesting articles on this website, I invite you to take a look. Have nice day,. Our relational biology is such that we take regular emotional journeys as a result of our humanness.

    Wellbeing ( best meaningful speech ) By MarkjohnFlores

    Acceptance that life cannot, and should not, be lateral and linear, ie: either stuck in a state of bliss or wallowing in the depths of despair, is essential to understanding that life is a journey, and that the paths we take, the choices we make, the experiences we subject ourselves to or which are impressed upon us, will sometimes be smooth and sometimes not. Dear Kaylene, Thank you so much for take a time to write the comment. As humans we can experiment different emotions, positive or negatives.

    As Phd. Emmy Van Deurzen said is similar to walk through a path where we would experiment many of them at different moments of our life. As you might seen in the article subjective well-being do not consider the absence of the negatives emotions, but it do consider a low level of them.

    Some negative emotions play a crucial role in life, for example on duel. Life can surprise us with unexpected events, the one thing that never changes is change. Is really important to take a look inside and see who much we have conquered our own growth, resilience, maturity, knowledge, wisdom. Doing it is a marvelous way to compare us with our self, instead to focus attention on comparing us with others.

    Your email address will not be published. Ericson Dela Cruz on 4th May at am. Mam Teresa: This article is very much interesting and helpful on my part. Thank you so much mam. Agus Yustinus on 4th March at am. Best wishes Agus Yustinus Reply. Thank you Teresa for the wonderful article! Have a wonderful year ahead! Reham Al Taher on 11th January at pm.