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And the trees also provide shadow to the rooms of office which helps to reduce the consumption of air conditions which is directly proportional to consumption of electricity. The basic need of human beings are food, cloth and shelter. All these requirements are fulfilled by a new concept i.

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Green Buildings helps in: 1. Increasing efficiency with which building and their site use, water and materials etc. Reducing building impact on human health and environment through better site planning, design, operation, and maintenance till its life period. Day by day harmony between human being and environment get reduces. By using green concept in our building planning ecological balance between human and environment will be achieved.

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Thus total life cycle cost is much lower than conventional building. The report compiles actual cost and benefit data from peer-reviewedpublications and includes numerous case studies of projects throughout the world. This evidence-based report identifies five primary factors that affect a decision whether or not to implement green building practices in both for new constructionand renovationprojects. Interestingly,theWorldGreenBuildingCouncildidnotdirectthisreportatany one specific project stakeholder.

Rather, it provides datarelevant tothreekey green building decision makers: developers, owners and occupants. For example, the report describes the potential for increased market values of greenbuildings,aconceptimportanttobothdevelopersandowners. Likewise, the report identifiesthe greenbuilding benefits of reducedfacility downtime and lower operating costs,conceptsimportant tobothownersandoccupants.

By quantifying the costs and benefits of greenbuilding, this report is a great resource to those tasked with deciding whether or not to implement sustainable strategiesandtechnologies inaproject. Overall, thereportshould be veryhelpfultodecisionmakersconsideringtheshortandlongtermimpacts of green building and may be the roadmap necessary to make an informed business decisionontheir next project.

DIN LEED certified buildings save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy. To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. Prerequisites and credits differ for each rating system, and teams choose the best fit for their project.

LEED is flexible enough to apply to all project types. Each rating system groups requirements that address the unique needs of building and project types on their path towards LEED certification. New Construction 2. Schools 4.

Retail 5. Hospitality 6. Data Centers 7. DIN When designing and constructing a new building project, project teams are left with a choice: the option to build an innovative green building from the ground- up, or maintain the status quo by creating a water-guzzling, energy-wasting traditional structure. This includes major HVAC improvements, significant building envelope modifications and major interior rehabilitation.

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Can also be used for higher education and non-academic buildings on school campuses. DIN Specifically designed and equipped to meet the needs of high density computing equipment such as server racks, used for data storage and processing. Commercial Interiors 2. Retail 3. Hospitality Includes both direct customer service areas showroom and preparation or storage areas that support customer service.

Existing Buildings 2. Schools 3. Retail 4.

Hospitality 5. Data Centers 6. Many older buildings around the world are energy hogs and water sieves. Consider that it can take up to 80 years to make up for the environmental impacts of demolishing an old building and constructing a new one, even if the resulting building is extremely energy efficient. DIN Hospitality: Existing hotels, motels, inns, or other businesses within the service industry that provide transitional or short-term lodging with or without food. Projects can be at any stage of the development process, from conceptual planning to construction.

Plan 2. Built Project Neighborhood Development DIN Is your local grocery store within walking distance…and is there a sidewalk for you to trek there safely? Does your neighborhood boast high-performing green buildings, parks and green space? Do bikes, pedestrians and vehicles play nicely together on the road? It looks beyond the scale of buildings to consider entire communities.

Because sprawl is a scary thing. We designed this offering to help you or your developers market and fund your project among prospective tenants, financiers, public officials, etc.

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Homes and Multifamily Low-rise 2. Multifamily Midrise Homes Design and Construction A home is more than just shelter: homes are the most important buildings in our lives. We think that every building should be a green building — but especially homes. LEED homes are built to be healthy, providing clean indoor air and incorporating safe building materials to ensure a comfortable home.

Using less energy and water means lower utility bills each month. Some of the most important buildings in the world use LEED.

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LEED for Homes is available for building design and construction projects for single family homes and multifamily projects up to eight stories. DIN Designed for single family homes and multifamily buildings between one and three stories. Must Comply with Environmental Laws TheLEED project buildingorspace,allotherrealproperty withintheLEEDproject boundary, and all project work must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local building- related environmental laws and regulations in place where the project is located.

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This condition must be satisfied from the date of LEED project registration or the initiation of schematic design, whichever comes first, until the date that the building receives a certificate of occupancy or similar official indication that it is ready for use. Must be a Complete, Permanent Building or space All LEED projects must be designed for, constructed on, and operated on a permanent location on already existing land. Nobuilding orspace that is designed to move at any point in its lifetime may pursue LEED Certification.

LEED projects must include the new, ground- up design and construction, or major renovation, of at least one building in its entirety. Additionally, construction prerequisites and credits may not be submitted for review until substantial completion of construction has occurred. Must use a reasonable site Boundary a.

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The LEED project boundary must include all contiguous land that is associatedwithandsupportsnormalbuildingoperationsfortheLEEDproject building, including all land that was or will be disturbed for the purpose of undertaking the LEED project. The LEED project boundary may not include land that is owned by a party other than that which owns the LEED project unless that land is associated with and supports normal building operations for the LEED project building.

Any given parcel of real property may only be attributed to a single LEED project building. DIN e. Gerrymandering of a LEED project boundary is prohibited: the boundary may not unreasonably exclude sections of land to create boundaries in unreasonable shapes for the sole purpose of complying with prerequisites or credits.

LEED Green Building Features

Must Comply with Minimum floor area requirements. The LEED project must include a minimum of 1, square feet 93 square meters of gross floor area. If the project serves less than 1 annualized FTE, optional credits from the Indoor Environmental Quality category may not be earned the prerequisites must still be earned.

Sharing this data includes supplying information on a regular basis in a free, accessible, and secure online tool or, if necessary, taking any action to authorize the collection of information directly from service or utility providers. This commitment must carry forward if the building or space changes ownership or lessee.