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He told his father that the whole city was on her side, but everybody was afraid to speak out against him. Haemon countered him with a threat of his own that he would never set eyes on him again if he continues this violence. Creon was appalled with his son. For that, Antigone was to die a very agonizing death. She was to be taken: down some wild, desolate path never trod by men, and wall her up alive n a rocky vault, and set out short rations, just a gesture of piety. Tiresias told Creon of his dreams in which he would lose the people he loves if he continues to be stubborn and stupid.

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Creon admitted that the prophecies troubled him greatly. He ordered the release of Antigone and traveled to the rocky vault, but was too late. Creon witnessed all this and realized that he had brought it on himself. Back at the palace, his wife Eurydice heard the news and ended up killing herself.

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Creon begged to be free of this guilt by demanding his own death. His qualities of stubbornness, one-sidedness and authoritativeness did not serve him well as a leader. Antigone on the other hand possessed qualities everyone admires. She was defiant, strong-willed, rebellious, brave, loyal, and stubborn. Stubbornness became her downfall. Antigone believed that the laws of the gods were of greater importance than the rules of the state.

Creon, however, believed that since he was the king, his word is the law and no one should dare defy him. Besides the political and religious content, Antigone deals with the battle of the sexes as well. Creon continually brings up that women are subservient to all men. He advised his son of: never letting some woman triumph over us. Better to fall from power, if fall we must, at the hands of a man- never be rated inferior to a woman, never.

I found this play very interesting. Even though it was produced centuries ago, we could still easily relate with the themes it depicted. It encourages people of the modern world to stand up for what they believe in. It teaches us to be more open-minded and we learn that there are no set rules.

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We do not always have to do what we are told. We just need to be aware of the consequences of our actions. Antigone also places an emphasis on being proud. However, having too much of it hubris can lead to destruction.

Sophocles’ Antigone: Protagonist Essay

Admitting that you are wrong is not a bad thing. It can prevent a lot of heartache. Your email address will not be published. Post Comment. Teiresias warns Creon that the gods are on Antigone's side and she is not to be put to death by his orders.

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  7. By this time it is too late and Antigone had already hung herself. In a violent rage, Haemon attacks his father and then kills himself. When the news of the death of her son is reported back to the kingdom, Creon's wife Eurydice, takes her own life.

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    Creon is left all alone in the kingdom to lament the deaths of his family. Antigone is a play that can be interpreted as an emphasis of power the king had in the Athenian period. It is can also serve as a representation of foundation of patriarchy and who has power. Sophocles may have wrote the play to inform his people how extreme a kings rule can be and the results of the measures taken. Antigone also portrays the role of women in Greek history. Women in Greek plays have taken up the role of the villain, the role of the victim, and the role of the heroine even though in Greek society the role of women were considered unimportant to the life of a Greek male.

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    In the play Antigone, Antigone is one of the few women to openly rebel against her position in life. I believe Antigone was indeed a feminist. She wouldnt fit the definition of what we call a feminist today in our time, but in her time her actions and beliefs would have been seen as radical enough to be categorized as feminist. Antigone stands out among women of her time. She and her sister Ismene were loyal and effective daughters who took excellent care of their crippled father and eventually brought him a measure of peace and contentment.

    She realized the importance of the spiritual quality of life and met her fate resigned and content that what she had done was morally right. Her example has set a standard for all future generations. Women should be able to have the same morals as men and not be punished for acting upon them.

    Antigone was an exceptional woman in her own time.

    Sophocles ' Antigone By Sophocles Essay

    Antigone Antigone was not satisfied with the rule of men and knew that the gods would approve her actions. I have read the play Antigone and have found it more interesting the third time reading it. As the play develops, suspense still halos over my mind as I turn the page. I am aware what is going to happen, but it is so well written that I block out my knowledge of the play and let the story unfold with each line. Sophocles is a great dramatist and Shakespeare was really good as well but I cant seem to realize that they are both not very jovial writers.

    Sophocles intended his audience to understand the ethics and morale of having a king. By reading the document and understanding Sophocles time period I have come to the conclusion that Sophocles was maybe trying to aim the hope of a democratic government where mishaps and laws can be declared. I have always admired Greek tragedies and have come to love the dramatic outcomes they posses.

    Not all Greek playwrights write plays about murder and betrayal. Some actually have happy, index meanings in their plays and can somehow inform its reader in multiple ways. I am enlightened by the character Antigone cause she stands by her morals and defies everyone elses views on what she can and cannot do. She is fits the definition of a rebel more than that of a feminist. I am a major fan of Greek drama and I do feel as though all Greek drama plays should be analyzed through different aspects to find meanings that may appear abstract if read once. This is why I approach Greek drama plays the way I do.

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    Im trying to make myself feel and realize every moral of the story as possible in hopes that what I learn will enhance my outlook on life. Stay with EssayChief! Once you place your order you will receive an email with the password.