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Although community service is useful not only on applications, but also in real world experience, it should not be required for graduation, instead community service should be emphasized through in class learning, and the tools to complete community service should be readily available to students who wish to participate. We will examine how the coerceing not a word of community service detracts from the experience that you receive and what should be offered to students.

Many schools, such as The Dalton School a small private high school , believe in the building of character through community service. Gil Cary argue that community service requirements detract from the students willingness to volunteer in his or her future.

Should you let students to further their future by using volunteerism as a tool rather than as a source of personal enrichment?

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The Breeze source 6 presents the issue of volunteering in a simple cartoon. This is not the way you should want the future of America to view volunteerism; the youth should view community service as a moral obligation onto themselves to help their community. High school is a busy time for students, especially their senior year; students should not be forced to perform extra hours after school in order to achieve their diploma.

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As a high school Junior, I can assure you that I do not have any extra time in my schedule to squeeze in anything extra; my educational school day goes from Am to Pm; then I have a forty-five minute break, in which I try to cram in all of the homework that I possibly can; after that, two and a half hours of athletic practice take place.

By the time I get home it is I proceed to eat dinner, take a shower, and then crack down on 2 to 3 hours of homework. I finish everything by — and am ready for bed. At what time am I supposed to fit in an hour of community service? Or am I supposed to work it out during the weekend, the only time in which I am able to enjoy time with my friends, family and complete weekend homework? One 13 year old, according to source 3, was hooked on volunteering with an assisted living home, said that when he got into high school he would not let practice, of marching band, get in the way of his visits to the home.

But I say that his visits would be getting in the way of his practice.

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Performing community service. The Writing module tests your ability to. Library Community Service Essay. I've always felt that volunteering and community service are something that we, as citizens, are internally obligated to do.

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Buying papers online college. Free essay on The Importance Of Community Service available totally free at, the largest free essay community. UC essay prompt 7: What have you done to make your school or your. Community Service is giving back to society.

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To us by the student. Buy custom essay. Talk about their experience in their personal essay that distinguishes them from other applicants. Some high schools offer academic credit for volunteer work through service. They arrayed forth sophistical arguments without the addition writing english essay of the intellect. Titles for community service essay. Attach the essay to this page and keep a copy for your records.

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