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That bus, while always idling, never actually leaves the station. Ask instead: what were you given? Learn to like lemonade. Charity is a name for the critical care that clears away the rubbish of self-regard, penetrates to the root of suffering, and dresses the wound.

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I have myself asserted that Mormonism is the ultimate form of humanism. Thus, humanism and Mormonism have in common their quest for the yet unknown. It is just as possible for the new convert to speak in ways that are powerfully truthful even if what they say lacks the accuracy and orthodoxy that comes from a lifetime of study. We might also detect in this difference a powerfully ecumenical spirit: edification and transformation are present wherever a transforming truthfulness is induced, regardless of whether it happens in a Catholic mass, a Buddhist temple, an Islamic mosque, or an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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Moreover, we must be especially careful of this danger when we are convinced that we belong to the true Church. It is easy enough.

He then concludes with his own fervent, simply put testimony:. The substance of my conviction about Mormonism amounts to a running account of the ways in which, because of Mormonism, I have been and increasingly am awake. For my part, I can conceive of no other measure for religion. Does it or does it not conduce to life?

Does it or does it not roughly shake me from the slumber of self-regard, from the hope of satisfaction, from the fantasy of control? Does it or does it not relentlessly lead my attention back to the difficulty of the real?

Does it or does it not reveal the ways in which my heart, my mind, and my body have always already bled out into a world not of my own making, into the hearts and minds and bodies of my parents, my wife, my children? Maxwell Institute made observation concerning the rarity of engaging theologically with other Christian faiths, even among our finest thinkers. Roberts and John A. Widtsoe may have had interesting insights in the early part of the twentieth century, but they had neither the temperament nor the training to give a rigorous defense of their views in dialogue with a wider stream of Christian theology.

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Download PDF. Maxwell Institute, Greg Kofford Books, An Experiment on the Word: Reading Alma 32 editor. Salt Press, Joseph M. Spencer is a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of New Mexico, where he studies contemporary French thought.

Adam Miller Review of Future Mormon Essays in Mormon Theology

He is the author of numerous essays on both philosophy and Mormon Studies. He and Karen, his wife, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with their five children. Books by Joseph Spencer:. An Other Testament: On Typology. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.

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