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Oh Debbie, I so admire your honesty and openness. They are very fashionable here in the UK at the minute and come in all sorts of patterns. If you could find one you liked that might help — you have such a good eye for colour and there is something satisfying about them and not much of an investment apart from the book and some nice pens. The other thing someone said to me which struck a cord was to write down anything that you do enjoy even if tiny; over a bit of time they mount up and you can see a pattern which might help direct you.

In the meantime sending you love and best wishes from over here. Why not cut it back to once a week for a while? I am sure we would all understand. Many of your older posts are still very relevant, especially to people discovering the blog for the first time. Good ideas, Alice!

Is Shopping Your Only Hobby? – Recovering Shopaholic

Thank you for chiming in with your suggestions. Second the suggestion to look into grown-up colouring books! You can even find mandala patterns online for free, all you need to do is print them out which cuts the cost down even further. I had never heard of the grown-up coloring books before, but it actually sounds like fun.

It is a low-key thing to do that could be relaxing and therapeutic. I like the idea of keeping a running list of things I enjoy, too. I probably have more interests than I realize.

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Hello Debbie! Anyway, this lady bored me rigid. She talked about her kids, her grandkids, herself, herself, herself and it left me thinking that I much prefer my online life. Here I can come and go as it pleases me. I love nature so I enjoy gardening. I love jigsaws because they take my mind off everything as I look for a particular piece of sky with a touch of cloud.

I love reading blogs as time disappears when I do that although I find myself feeling guilty about spending time online too! You have to be you. Do what Debbie enjoys and not what you think she should. Lots of hugs, T x. Saltbox, I could have written this exact same post! We might be twins. I really appreciate your kind and heartfelt comments, Saltbox. We seem to have a lot in common. I have also made the effort to get together with new people and found myself bored by what they talked about.

How everyone does it nowadays.

I long for deeper interactions with people, but not everyone is interested in that. Also, it can take time for people to be willing to open up, but do we want to endure listening to the excruciating minutiae of their lives in the meantime? Hard to know… I wish that you, Kim, and I could all hang out.

Maybe we could do a Google Hangout sometime! You will, too! Are you musical? Do you or have you ever learnt the piano or something?

I am a piano tutor and an adult student that I have is really enjoying learning to play the piano-right from scratch, too! Just a thought. And I wish you lived here in New Zealand, I think we would be friends. I was going to suggest a taking music lessons as well. I started taking drum lessons about 2 years ago when I saw a deal on Groupon. It has been so much fun and a wonderful challenge to learn something new. I used to be very musical, Fiona. I took piano, voice, and guitar lessons years ago.

I might want to pick up an instrument again. I love your beautiful country and I hope to make it back there one day. If I do, I will be sure to let you know. JB and Jen, I appreciate your suggestions, too. I have received so many wonderful ideas from the caring readers of my blog!

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I too have been trying to find meaningful ways to enjoy life without shopping since being retrenched from my job a few years ago, and have now found the most satisfaction in the volunteer work I do each week. It will bring balance to your life. Thanks for sharing your wonderful quote, Louise. I wanted to make sure that everyone saw it. As well as my volunteer work, I also go to a yoga class and a line-dancing class each week, and do knitting and hat-making at home. Those activities and my two Burmese cats are enough to distract me from shopping most of the time but I still feel the pull of my favourite stores occasionally.

I took up knitting a couple of years ago. I think a cooking class is also a great idea, as is photography. Both can be as big or small as you want to make them. Great ideas, Melissa! I have taken on one of them and will share soon. The others will definitely be possibilities for me as well. Good tip about only buying what one needs for a current craft project. I can see how stockpiling supplies could easily happen.

Your posts spoke to me and I just got it. Because of your posts I have halved the size of my wardrobe and spend so much less time shopping. I really appreciate your comment, Pru. It means a lot to me to know how my blog has touched people. Congrats on downsizing your wardrobe and spending less time on shopping. The fact that I played a role in your progress makes me very happy — thank you for letting me know. I think volunteering for a non-profit organization like Dress for Success would be great for you.

Making reading fun again

This way you can combine your love of fashion and doing something fulfilling into one realm. Perhaps other readers that know of other kinds of fashion-related organizations like charity auctions in the area where Debbie resides can make some suggestions. I know volunteering for me helped me greatly to find a paying job.

The key is to spread yourself around, volunteer for a few different ones and they can all be in the area of fashion. I think you can embrace all the things you love into something meaningful.