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Making a massive amount of forty-five thousand dollars a year, with a staff close to four hundred and eighty people on staff. In the Texas legislation there are sixty three out of one and eighty one seats, thirty one senators and one hundred and fifty representatives held in the Democrat house and only seven will be white, while only eight will be white in the republican house out of one hundred and eighteen.

The white to black ratio have dropped dramatically over the last ten years. Hispanics are the second largest group in the state of Texas house. Then there are the Asians in which they only make up two percent.

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The number of white in the house has declined in the state of Texas rapidly. Also other states that are around can affect the states that are close to one another. Women have started to have a bigger influence in the house also. While there are seven number of women legislators in the senate.

All together there are thirty six women legislators in the state of Texas. Women all together make up a heaping nineteen point nine percent as legislators.

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Being the governor of a huge state like Texas comes with a lot of responsibility. Some of the powers a governor holds is signing or vetoing bills passed by the Legislature. While convening special sessions of the Legislature for specific purposes. Governors also deliver a report on the condition of the state to the Legislature at the beginning of each regular session. Estimating of the amounts of money required to raise by taxation. Then accounting for all public monies received and paid out by him and recommending a budget for the next two years.

But I feel like the hardest duty for the governor is granting reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles and revoking conditional pardons. The governor also appoints Texans to a wide range of advisory bodies and task forces that assist him with specific issues. The governor Greg Abbot does some of the constitutional and statutory duties. The Legislator powers split up because of so many duties, so there is not too much for just one governor to handle. The executive officers of the state are a few of the people that divided the job up to help accomplish the governor.

Some of their duties and functions are managing the municipal finances. This responsibility includes assessing, budgeting, money management, payroll and purchasing supervision, record keeping, asset maintenance, and so on. The great state of Texas has a great court system. It starts with a basic structure of the present court system of Texas, established in with the help of the constitutional amendment. There were almost four thousand officials elected in in judicial positions. In addition, there were approximately one hundred and forty associate judges appointed to serve in district, county-level, child support courts, and child protection.

As well as numerous magistrates, masters, referees and other officers supporting the judiciary. With three hundred and fifteen people retired and former judges were also eligible to serve again. In the state of Texas the Texas constitution provides for a county court in each county overseen by a judge.

The Legislature has established statutory county courts, generally designated as county courts at law or statutory probate courts, in the more populous counties to aid the Constitutional county court with its judicial functions. By statute, the Legislature has created municipal courts in each incorporated city in the state.

The state of Texas has a very complex court room system. With the third largest amount of officials being elected out of all the states in the United States the state of Texas has the largest amount of per capital. With so many polls and taxes put on everything the state of Texas has a great amount of things going for its state.

Separation of powers goes back in time to over one hundred years. In separation of powers the checks and balance system is set up, with the legislation branch, executive branch, and judicial branch. The checks and balance weakens the branches so that not one of the branches is stronger than the other.

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Everyone in the state favors the Texas constitutional law. Separation of power in the Texas government plays a big role. The Texas court rooms like many other plays have had issues with the policies for separation of powers. Separation of power has two particular principle purposes. One is to attempt to stop excessive concentration of any particular officer. Then next is to provide equality between branches. The structure of a particular agency is made weak by separation of powers by the Texas Constitution.

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Some ties to the particular strategy make some weaker than others. The state of Texas legislative committee exercises less oversighting than on a federal level. In the Texas government the governor has almost two agencies he is in charge of. The government can only remove people in the legislation branch only with the advice and consent from a senate. In all together there are pros and cons of having the separate powers.

The functional structure of the Supreme Court in Texas is an advantage. And then amongst all branch the executive branch lacks inherit powers, unlike the other two. Interest groups are a huge role in the state of Texas and its legislation system. There are a lot of interest groups in the state of Texas. A lot of things like size, resources and policy focus play a part in the interest groups.

Many groups are made and destroyed in single elections. Many interest groups are long traditional interest groups that have been there as long as forty years. Many interest groups tend to not confuse their objectives with the government and are non-governmental.

They focus on persuading the public. Interest groups balance one another out by competing in resources and argument on main policy decisions. Many people believe interest groups create stable political environments that allow interest groups to be represented by the government.

Interest groups consist of many types. Two types are the public interest groups and the private interest groups.

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Private interest groups sometimes called special interest groups. Interest groups form from public organizations getting involved with sometime of government fund then choose to option out. To be an interest groups they have to organize individuals with similar interests inform the public and elected officials, organize electoral competition, organize government, link the state and local political system to the national political system. Interest groups are involved with a lot of support and being into most elections.

Most people wonder how they do it. Well the answer is lobbying, petitions and letter writing, campaigns, public demonstrations, media campaigns, attending public meetings, legal action, and illegal action. While the top interest groups giving to government are the retired and lawyers. With Ted Cruz being the top receipt. Party competition is a huge reason why the degree of votes have taken shockingly upraise. This is a huge reason why voters are required to have I. In some states the voters have been accused of casting to many votes for one political candidate.

But what has changed is the deep partisan polarization over restrictive election laws whose passage speaks to the increasingly competitive and yet volatile electoral landscape of American politics. Party competitions have become involved with the law over many of years following the recent elections. The major cases addressing the institutional prerogatives of political parties, or at least of the major political parties, alternatively treat them as the political equivalent of common carriers subject to ordinary regulatory oversight, or as rights-bearing entities entitled to protection from state incursion.

The major case of political parties wants the law to treat them like everyone else. A lot of the political parties are treated different because of their names and the income they bring in or have. The John A. Hartford Foundation is also supporting development of adult day care prototypes through a grant to the University of North Carolina.

The prototype of such a model for medical care is the HMO.