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Again, there is high interaction within the cohort and with the module leader at this stage, via the e-learning platform. This programme plan is submitted for assessment and also should be presented at the " viva-voce " examination. This viva-voce is normally attended in person, however Skype may be an option under exceptional circumstances.

Third phase: Year two-onwards. The research project, which will culminate in the doctoral thesis, which should again be defended at the final " viva-voce " on campus, marking the end of the programme, if successfully passed, of course. During the course of the programme, candidates are required to attend the induction day on-campus, and normally expected to attend the viva-voce examinations on campus.

Other than this, periodic discussions with the academic advisor can be held via Skype, e-mail, or on-campus face-to-face, etc. Candidates also always have access to all the University facilities both on-campus and online , and are supported to attend conferences, specific lectures or seminars, which can support their learning and research.

Hope this helps you to have a clearer idea on the structure and assessment methods of the Middlesex DBA. Could you provide an example of such a "study unit" or "module". For example, I would be interested in everyone has a seminar in "Quantitative Methods" and how long this seminars runs.

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As for the "professional learning review" held viva voce: Does this mean that you have assessements basically as Skype interview with your supervisor? Thanks for providiing more concrete details on what DBA students can expect at the Middlesex University. The name of the first module is "Review of Professional Capability", as is also stated on the programme website. Within this module, I can give a few study unit names such as "Professions and Professionalism", "Reflection in Action", "Critical Reflection and Beyond", etc.

These are studied on a weekly basis during the first two months. Again, a number of study units are studied on a weekly basis during the first two months of this module. These study units are studied by reading specific materilals, doing literature search, preparing written assignments, and participating in online discussion forum topics.

As is also stated on the programme website, there are no mandatory lectures or seminars held in a traditional manner.

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The viva is not held with the adviser. The candidate's adviser can attend this meeting only as an observer. And this viva-voce is held on-campus , attended in person, normally. Under exceptional circumstances, Skype can be used, but still this is for a video-conference with the Panel, which would have already met in the room on-campus. Ich studiere den DBA im 2. Jahr an der Northumbria University. I cannot verify or nullify this, since I do not know the regulations in Germany.

I just thought this might be a relevant reference. Ich habe heute mit dem Verantwortlichen bei der KMK telefoniert. Einige werden sicher der Empfehlung von KMK folgen, aber eben nicht alle. Nach Auskunft meines Bundeslandes wird der Dr weiter vergeben. Auf jeden Fall ist hier die Auskunft gewesen, das die Bologna-Stufe 3 nachgewiesen werden muss. Wenn die Hochschule diesen Nachweis erbringen kann, ist es der Promotion gleichgestellt. Es wird offensichtlich just in diesem Augenblick Stand Could someone please translate the previous message in English because I am afraid the automated translation from German to English is ambiguous in some parts.

So, "Dr. Germany has 16 Federal States and each State has a ministry for culture and education. Depending on the State you live in, the respective ministry decides about titles you can hold. In the case above, it is the Federal State of Hessen but Bavaria applies the same rules. At the moment, it is considered as doctoral degree but this is not sure for the future. I am a DBA student and, although I am not planning to live in Germany, I think this discussion which has opened in Germany about the recognition of a DBA as a doctorate or not, is quite disappointing for those who possess or are in the process of obtaining this degree.

Well, this is not good news, indeed. This, although I do not live or study in Germany. Thomas, could you possibly have an idea on approximately when a final decision is expected? I don't know - but I expect a decision soon, given that this is an issue that needs to be resolved. The problem is that there are no generally accepted quality standards for DBA programs.

Many DBAs are high quality programs with a clear scientific approach. People work through courses and their research phase for 4 years or more. They deserve the recognition as a doctoral degree. Other DBA programs. These programs clearly do not deserve the recognition as a doctorate. I hope that such a more finegrained perspective that differs good from bad DBA programs becomes predominant - as opposed to just say "A DBA is a doctoral degree" or "is not a doctoral degree".

Thank you. Your words in the last paragraph of your reply were what I would write exactly, indeed.

Likewise, the same applies even to PhD degrees as well, in my opinion. Not all PhDs are of the same quality, either. This does not seem to be an issue that can be solved simply on the "title" level. Evaluation of schools or programmes individually might be a better approach. On the orher hand, in the UK for example, where the quality standards for higher education are defined by the QAA, the learning outcomes and degree characteristics are defined for "doctoral degrees", covering all doctoral degrees like PhD, DBA, DProf, etc.

This is a good example, in my opinion.

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