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Once a character is determined, a digital storybook is created to portray the footsteps of the character who is found guilty. Comments: My students work from a portable classroom, so tablet would be helful with internal computer labs are not accessible. All lesson plans submitted become the property of Digital Wish. I may submit multiple lesson plans. My lesson plan will be reviewed by one of Digital Wish's editors. If accepted, my submission may become part of Digital Wish's published online product library.

Submission does not guarantee the lesson plan will be accepted and posted. All acceptance decisions will be final. I am granting Digital Wish the worldwide rights to: - Display my submissions publicly on the internet. By clicking on "I agree" I am certifying that I wrote the lesson plan I am submitting, and that I own the rights to any accompanying photographs. I did not copy materials from any other source.

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If a photograph includes a picture of a person, then a release form must accompany the entry, in order for the photograph s to be posted. Photographs submitted without an accompanying release form, will simply be excluded from the lesson plan when it's posted. I understand that Digital Wish is a shared resource and everything that I submit may be copied or used by others.

I am giving permission for this to occur. Voice of Democracy. Students learned different persuasive techniques as they developed their own charitable organization to fight child abuse.

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Advertising in Action. They must utilize a variety of advertising techniques to sell their products. Advocate for Something!

Flip Cam Media Advocacy Project. This lesson is a basic introduction on online research, video team roles, field reporting, collecting video interviews and video editing interviews into a short minute video. Analyzing and Synthesizing Propaganda Techniques in Film. In teams, students will then create their own videos demonstrating a synthesis of these techniques.

At the Top of Mississippi: Southaven. They will then, with their classmates, combine their efforts and produce a DVD that will be presented to the City of Southaven and the Southaven Chamber of Commerce to give to families that are interested in relocating to our city. This will promote Southaven in a positive manner through the eyes of our youth.

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Author Study. Behind the Camera. Students create a documentary-style video that speaks to an organization within the community. Big Things-Small Packages. Those files will be used in a short film, documentary and the annual senior video-a video yearbook for the graduating class.

Book Trailers. Classical Greece: Magazine Project. Issues will be celebrating either the 30th, 40th, or 50th anniversary of the Greeks victory over the Persians. Climate Change Poster. They will be conducting research on the topic using provided websites, typing up their research in google docs, saving at least two images to correspond with their information, and then creating the poster based on their research.

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They will explore writing, reporting, operating a video camera, and using digital tools such as chroma-key. This lesson will spark their interest in reporting facts and writing for a purpose.

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Crucible Library Web Quest. Dakota Pipeline Lesson. The argumentative essay will focus on students reading and analyzing 4 different texts that examine multiple sides about the Dakota Access Pipeline debate. The essay will extend in students participating in a socratic seminar with their peers using respectful and accountable talk and fostering productive peer to peer discussion.

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Students in kindergarten and sixth grade will document their field trips using digital photography in order to share the experiences. Digitally Concerned Citizens. This lesson allows students to master skills with an inquiry based investigation on how humans contribute to changes in ecosystems. With a better understanding of issues facing our planet, students increase their ability to voice their concerns and facilitate change.

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Each video will focus on a single strategy that students and community members can do to help protect our planet Earth. Fredrick Douglass A digital History. Using technology, the students will create projects that depicts the stuggles of slaves with a focus on Fredrick Douglass and his determination to abolish it. Human Genome Debate. I did, and it was great. I like the whole concept of the company!

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